Enterprise Governance

Enterprise Technology Solutions

Number Description Date Published Last Reviewed
16-03-S4-NJOIT  eCats Enterprise
Timekeeping Standard
04/10/2017 04/10/2017
16-03-S3-NJOIT  VoIP Service Enterprise
Telecommunication Standard
04/10/2017 04/10/2017
16-03-S2-NJOIT  WebGuard Enterprise Web
Content Filtering Standard
2017/05/22 2017/05/22
16-03-S1-NJOIT  CloudConnect Enterprise
Collaboration Standard
12/12/2016 12/12/2016

System Architecture Review

The System Architecture Review, or SAR, is a process that brings sponsors, administrators and technologists together to help ensure that technology solutions for the State of New Jersey are conceived, designed, developed, and deployed in an effective and efficient manner, to maximize the benefits and functionality of the technology and align IT investments with business needs at the Enterprise level, while minimizing its cost and risk. The SAR ensures compliance with existing standards and practices, controlled introduction of new technologies and services, and appropriate reuse of existing technology, to increase returns on investment and decrease total costs of ownership. The SAR incorporates the following criteria:

and privacy
Data sharing
and reuse
Opportunities for
economies of scale
Impact on
existing infrastructure
Disaster recovery
and business continuity

SAR Resources

SAR Policy and Procedure

Number Description Date Published Last Reviewed
16-05-NJOIT System Architecture Review (SAR) Policy
2016/12/12 2016/12/12
16-05-P1-NJOIT System Architecture Review Procedure 2016/12/12 2016/12/12

OIT Tactical Planning

The OIT Tactical Planning Unit (OIT TPU) manages the Information Technology Tactical Plan Reporting Process. The process calls upon the Executive Branch Departments and Agencies annually to provide current detailed information on each Agency’s Information Technology hardware and software maintenance and support, end of life resources, and new and existing project initiatives. The information obtained from the agencies helps to identify shared opportunities for infrastructure, applications and/or services and ensures Agency IT Procurement aligns to their Tactical and Strategic Plans, State Goals, and State IT Architectural Standards. Compilation of this information ensures a comprehensive picture of the current status of all reported Information Technology Initiatives and their anticipated costs. The process results in the publication and distribution of individual Agency recommendation reports. Additionally, a comprehensive master plan status workbook as well as the Master Recommendation Report is provided to the State Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

The Tactical Planning Process gathers data from the Agencies that supports awareness and compliance with OIT requirements for:

Maintenance &
End of Life
Technology Replacement
Asset Inventory
& Management
Architecture Review
Number Description
0230 Tactical Planning Survey
0231 NJOIT Tactical Planning Tips and Guidelines
0232 NJOIT Tactical Plan Number Assignment Faq’s
Number Description
0233 NJOIT Project Initiatives Maintenance Refresh Cost Estimates
0234 Project Portfolio Status Template
0236 Maintenance and Refresh Cost Estimates Template

IT Governance Bodies

Statewide Public Safety Communication Commission Members:

  • Christopher J. Rein
    Chief Technology Officer
    Office of Information Technology - Co-Chair
  • Jared Maples
    Office of Homeland Security & Preparedness - Co Chair
  • Elizabeth Maher Muoio
    Acting State Treasurer
    Department of the Treasury
  • Colonel Patrick J. Callahan
    Acting Superintendent
    State Police
  • Dr. Shereef Elnahal
    Department of Health
  • Samuel D. Thompson
    Senate Representative (R)
  • Vacant
    Senate Representative (D)
  • Kevin J. Rooney
    Assembly Representative (R)
  • Eliana Pintor Marin
    Assembly Representative (D)
  • Craig Reiner
    Office of Emergency Telecommunication Services (OETS) NJOIT
    State Fire Marshal - Director
    Division Of Fire Safety
  • Craig Augustoni
    Designee for State Fire Marshal - Director
    Division of Fire Safety
  • Scott Digiralomo
    Morris County Department of Public Safety
    Representing the Northeast/UASI Homeland Security Region
  • Robin Blaker
    Camden County Department of Public Safety And Juvenile Justice (Pending)
    Representing the Delaware River Homeland Security Region
  • Dave Frauenheim
    Somerset County Public Safety Radio 911 Communications
    Representing the Northwest Homeland Security Region
  • Vince Jones III
    Atlantic County Department of Public Safety
    Representing the Shore Homeland Security Region
  • Michael Rein
    Deputy Chief
    Rutgers University Police Department
    Representing the State Agency Communications Working Group
  • Joseph Burlew Sr.
    EMS Operations Coordinator
    University Hospital Emergency Medical Services (Pending)
    Representing the Statewide Public Safety Communications Advisory Council

Information Technology Advisory Council Members:

  • Jim Fruscione
    Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services, Department of the Treasury
  • Gary Zayas
    IT Director
    Department of Transportation
  • John Harrison
    IT Director
    Department of Community Affairs
  • Evan Linhardt
    IT Director
    Department of Education
  • Dennis MacPherson
    State Parole Board
  • Lou Blauer
    IT Manager
    Juvenile Justice Commission, Department of Law and Public Safety
  • Sun Kim
    IT Manager
    Civil Service Commission
  • Tom Tagliareni
    IT Manager
    Highlands Water Protection and Planning Council
  • Satish Bhalerao
    IT Director
    Department of Corrections
  • Lori DiGaetano
    Board of Public Utilities
  • Linda Holland
    IT Director
    Department of Children and Families
  • David Snedeker
    Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
  • John Kiczek
    Public Employment Relations Commission
  • Joseph Mingo
    Department of Banking and Insurance
  • Denman Powers
    IT Manager
    State Police
  • Radica Ghooray
    IT Director
    NJ Office of Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency
  • Joy Vitoritt
    IT Director
    Department of Law & Public Safety
  • Peter Tenebruso
    IT Manager
    Department of Environmental Protection
  • Jayanthi Vilayanur
    Department of Agriculture

Information Technology Project Review Board Members:

  • Jeanne Ashmore
    Deputy Chief Administrator
    Motor Vehicle Commission
  • Christopher Bailey
    Assistant Commissioner. Budget & Finance
    Department of Human Services
  • Gregory Townsend
    Chief of Staff
    Department of Labor and Workforce Development
  • Beth Leigh Mitchell
    Assistant Attorney General
    Department of Law & Public Safety
  • David Ridolfino
    Acting Director
    Office of Management and Budget
    Department of the Treasury